We specialize in computer and network repair and offer maintenance at your office.  Our doors have been open since 1997.  Today's evolving technology is what we do.   A Microsoft specialist can help you with any question.  Wi-Fi is a great communications carrier when you don't have wired areas to cover in and outside your building.  We also build custom PC's to meet your workload and demand to keep productivity at your office high.  And our repair shop is very well appreciated when buying a new computer isn't in your budget.  We have lots of parts in stock.

WE SPECIALIZE IN SERVICE AND REPAIR at our shop or at your office

Bring your computer, monitor, laptop, hard drive, or anything related to computers and we can diagnose the problem for free.  Our evaluation is meant to give you the path to repair even if you are on a tight budget.  We understand.  We have had the privilege to take care of Outback Steakhouse in all of California and meet some heavy demands.  Prior military also gives us the discipline needed to adjust to today's stressful environment. 



If you need consultation at your office we offer No charge to come onsite, evaluate your needs, and proceed forward with a competitive offer to get you up and running.  We take care of many businesses here in San Diego.  All the way to Pasadena California.  We have traveled to China to setup a long distance on-line store with no hiccups.  Now that's service and still running perfectly.