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If you can't see this entire website you need an upgrade.

We offer Managed IT for your business.  Low cost on-site and remote services to keep you up and running.  We also offer computers, notebooks, peripherals such as Wi-Fi devices, routers, network installation.  We would like to offer our support.  We also offer IT support contracts at a very low monthly cost to you.

Need an expert to examine your computers, network, servers?  We offer free diagnostics and free consultation.

Building custom computers is what we do.  Nothing like having a system with no ads, no bloatware, no free trials.  Just pure speed and a clean operating system.

Building custom computers is what we do.


We repair and sell Laptops.  FREE diagnostics and troubleshooting of your pride and joy with quick turn around.


Computer diagnostics are FREE at Supertek and the evaluation is always FREE to let you know exactly what you need.  No charge!

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